Harlow ‘Grime’ duo launch EP


Reporter Jake Murphy investigates whether the UK Rap/Grime scene is growing or declining with Miracall X Lockaveli , a Grime duo from Harlow

GRIME culture within the youth of the UK has been growing in recent years, with acts coming through the ranks on to the mainstream stage.

Big Narstie a Harlow Resident and other big names such as Devlin, Giggs, Plan B, and Professor Green have grown rapidly over the years.

I had an Interview with Danny Lockett & Thomas Williams, the Harlow rap group known as Miracall x Lockaveli on their journey as they get set to launch an EP in November.

The group were formed some years ago when they became more like brothers than friends. Thomas said:” We heard each other’s music and decided we were better together than going alone.” The first song that got them noticed ‘Certified’ was released in May 2016.


Danny said: “I discovered my love for rap in year 10.” Thomas discovered his passion towards the end of his time at school when he began recording music in a friends shed rather than attending class.

It was clear to see that this is a passion for Thomas & Danny, both former Harlow College students, rather than doing it purely for financial gain. Danny told me “ I suffer with Tourette’s Syndrome so music was a big thing for me, it allowed to me to gain confidence and give me focus.”

There are big plans for the duo with performances scheduled in November at Entice, Southend, as well as the Kosho Bar in Romford, where  big names have such as B Young and Chipmunk have performed.

( Miracall X Lockaveli”s new track Foreign)

The pair who write their own music will be traveling to Amsterdam, Holland, in April 2019 to perform at the Spring Break Festival.

I asked them if they believe it’s harder for Rap/Grime artists, as opposed to pop and other genres, to get the ‘big break.

Thomas said,“If you’re a big rapper they [the industry] don’t want to help you and rarely listen to each other’s music. I have no interest in paying production companies to release a video.”

Thomas also wanted to reassure other artists: “When we get big, hopefully, I’ll always listen to upcoming music and help where I can. I want to give them the help I didn’t get myself.”

Miracall X Lockaveli joined Row Productions after one of the owners, James Brooker, saw their videos on YouTube and contacted them from there.

Professional UK rap duo, Krept & Konan have helped out the Miracall X Lockaveli on many occasions and hope to do a track together. Don Strapzy and a few other grime artists have also helped the Harlow duo.

I asked Thomas whether the Rap/Grime industry was growing in the UK and he said: “It is growing, however a new genre is being born, so new that there isn’t even a name for it yet. Standard rap doesn’t seem to be getting on the TV and Grime doesn’t really flow.

“The afro genre is becoming more popular, along with songs that have a mixture of singing and spitting. I like to rap seven bars, sing seven bars and do four bars in another way.”

You can follow Miracall x Locaveli’s journey through their Facebook page & they have said look out for their new song ‘came up’ which is out in the middle of October.

When they are not performing or producing music Thomas and Danny are both family men. Thomas has two daughters and one son aged between five and one years old and Danny has two daughters, one aged three and the other is one years old.

You can follow Miracall x Locaveli’s journey through their Facebook page and they have also said to look out for their new song ‘Came Up’ which is out this month, October.

Follow them on Instagram here:  

Thomas Williams: miracall.artist

Danny Lockett: Lockaveli



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