Pay what you can at the Harlow Playhouse


PEOPLE who avoid going to the theatre because of the high seat prices have got a chance to attend shows at the Harlow Playhouse as part of a ‘Pay what you can’ scheme.

This project is designed to give those who may not be able to afford the normal rates a chance to indulge in some fantastic performances spanning a variety of genres.

Daniel Powell, who is in charge of the Playhouse’s digital and audience responsibility, said: ‘’ Theatre is for everyone. We are working closely with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.’’

Most of the comedy shows that will be included in the scheme come from the Fringe.

Although busy promoting the Playhouse, Dan also owns a theatre production group, in his spare time he is an avid Tottenham supporter, But the main subject of human interest was the Playhouse ‘Pay What You Can’ scheme.

Anyone wanting to find out more about Pay What You Can should click on the link below. Book your tickets and pay what you can afford, if anything, after the show.

Students from the NCTJ Journalism course will be attending Enemy of the People ‘on October 18 at 19:45. A review will then be posted on the Harrier. One of the students commented: It is really good because if they were charging £20 or £30 none of us would be able to go, whereas now the entire group is taking part.’

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