Rescue call to save Harlow Town Park paddling pool


HARLOW resident Martin Dear has launched a petition to rescue the Town Park paddling pool, after Harlow Council announced their plans to replace five of the pools with splash parks.

Dear comments in a statement to the Council: “It is iconic and has been one of the most well used and popular facilities in town for decades. It is used by whole families of all ages, and its location in the valley makes it very easy for those parents who are not in the water with their children to supervise them.”

Harlow Town Park paddling pool. Credit: Your Harlow

Leader of Harlow Council, Mark Ingall is quoted in Your Harlow: “Our plans are about creating a more enjoyable day out and making these much-loved facilities safer and fit for the future. It is important to us [the Council] that play areas remain free-to-use and are accessible to all.”

A total of 1,549 people have so far signed the petition. Cllr Ingall said he looked forward to receiving this petition so it could be considered and debated.

Harlow Councillors are meeting on September 20 to discuss the matter further.

To sign the petition, go to:

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