Essex police crack down on reckless motorcyclists


RECKLESS motorcyclists are being targeted by Essex police and Harlow council.

A high number of people have been killed in accidents involving illegal motorcyclists. As a result, Harlow Town Council has decided to take serious action and work in partnership with Essex police to combat illegal motorcycling, and to make the roads of Harlow safer.

Officers have been surveying areas such as: Commonside Road, Parringdon Road, Broadley Road, Nicholls Field and Church Langley, and are working with schools to educate younger audiences about the law around riding off-road vehicles.

Police now have the power to seize motorcycles from offenders that are being used illegally, or that cause aggravation to members of the public. Repeat offences will lead to the motorcycles being confiscated, imprisonment and/or a hefty fine.

Inspector Paul Maleary, claims: “Bikers are riding on roads and common land in a manner that can only be described as reckless, posing a danger to themselves and members of the public. We are worried there could be a serious injury incident or a fatality and take this very seriously, which is why we are working in partnership with Harlow Council to tackle this issue robustly.”

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