Former Harlow College student has the ‘X Factor’

Bella Penfold at The X Factor. Credit: @bellapenfoldofficial

EX-STUDENT Bella Penfold received top marks from all four of The X Factor judges after auditioning on September 16.

Currently working as a hotel singer, the 19-year-old appeared on the talent show in hopes of furthering her singing career.

Before the audition, Bella told reporters: “I’m actually really excited to perform in front of 3,000 people.”

When she got on stage, she told the judges: “All I want to do is sing. Everyone’s got a dream and I want to do it. I’m going to cry and I haven’t even started singing.”

Joss Stone’s ‘Fell in Love With A Boy’ was her song of choice.


Bella Penfold at The X Factor. Credit: @bellapenfoldofficial


After she performed judge Robbie Williams said: “You know when people say ‘I’m going to perform, I’m going to leave it all up on stage, I’m going to leave nothing to chance’ you just did exactly that.”

“You’re a bit dangerous. I don’t think you know what you’re going to do next and that’s very entertaining.”

Head judge Simon Cowell added: “In terms of what I call raw talent, potential, I absolutely love you”.

After receiving a full house, Bella burst into tears.

Bella completed her studies as a Performing Arts student at Harlow College earlier this year.

College Principal, Karen Spencer commented: “Bella has such a great personality – it came across really well on the TV! It’s one of the reasons we chose her to compère our student awards last year. She has a great stage presence and a lovely voice.”

The X Factor auditions continue on September 22 airing on ITV at 8:35pm.

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