Gas leak causes traffic chaos in Harlow

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EDINBURGH Way, Harlow was evacuated after a gas leak was reported this week (September 20).

Police evacuated the surrounding shops and the Esso garage yesterday (September 20) with the garage still remaining closed the following day to allow Cadent, the gas company responsible for the repairs, to start work.

Cadent press office could not identify the start of the leak but is trying to trace the gas escape back to the source before making repairs and reinstating where possible. A spokesperson for Cadent said,’ “We will only turn the gas off for one day if we have too… we don’t want to keep people without gas for too long.”

Essex Police released a statement saying, ”We are currently on scene of a gas leak in Harlow. We have closed Edinburgh Way between Howard Way and River Way. We are currently assisting the gas company while they work to resolve the issue. Please avoid the area and plan your journey.”

Cadent has estimated the issue will be resolved between September 20 and September 26. Traffic is being diverted back from Roman roundabout towards Station Road.

This incident has lead to the road being closed after Queensgate Centre with traffic being turned away at Staple Fields; this is causing delays down the A414 during the rush hour.

Staple Field, Edinburgh Way

Traffic is already slow in the area due to one lane being closed at the Cambridge Way roundabout for Essex County Council improvement works which are set to finish in June 2019.

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