Harlow parents set to rock

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BURNT Mill Academy is giving parents the chance to go back to school and learn how to play rock music.


Cristin Casey , director of performing arts at the Harlow academy, is hoping to stage a rock event for parents who have learned to play instruments when they were younger but not kept up the hobby.

She said “I want parents to pick up an instrument again. It would help parents to understand what their children are learning in school.”

The project is part of a cultural partnership funded by the Arts Council and launched at the Playhouse on Thursday September 20, in association with the Royal Opera House Bridge (ROHB).

Mrs Casey said “Projects like these aren’t restricted to just one school, they can involve the whole community.”

The ROHB is looking at various schools and other cultural organisations within and out of Harlow.

Although parents will be given the chance to play, the project will also be targeting students. The partnership hopes that this will help improve the lives of everyone who gets involved.

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