Harlow Quaser Tag expands


QUASER tag in Harlow has proved so popular that it is expanding the number of theme-escaped rooms and is looking to recruit staff.

Panic Room Harlow has set up four new themed escape rooms including: The tomb, Enigma, Panic room, The Witch House and North Pole Panic. A festive task, North Pole Panic will be opening on December 1 and is available for further bookings now.

These activities are designed to put people under pressure and work as a team to solve the case and escape within 60 minutes. Each escape room presents a level of difficulty out of five, giving each party an opportunity to choose which one caters to them.

The Tomb, which has a three out of five in difficulty, is a mission that includes breaking into an Ancient Egyptian Tomb. You must work together to escape the room or ‘become a part of history.’ Enigma, a task that is based around the ‘Bletchley National Defence Cyber-security Unit’ tests your limits by cracking the code in order for you to find the traitor of the organisation and flee the room.

Are you naughty or nice? Whilst in the North Pole Panic you have the choice between two different difficulty levels to solve puzzles and unlock the presents in under 60 minutes to leave the room but try not to panic! Nice is recommended for families with children and Naughty is if you’re up for a challenge. You must be over six to take part in the game and the party must be between two to eight players.

The escape room has been available to the public for over two years and nearly 10,000 groups of people have taken part in the venture.

Alexander Souter, of Quasar Tag said, “Our weekends are always packed and it’s great to see people of all ages enjoying and experiencing something really fun and different in the centre of Harlow.”

Plans for the future include current themes being regularly replaced with brand new experiences. The expansion means more employment opportunities. Alexander said: “We will be looking to increase our staffing and offer new jobs to the local population.”


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Willow Jacobs-Harding

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