Harlow resident has life-saving liver transplant

Nina Jaggers

A HARLOW woman has thanked God for being alive after being told she was only hours from death due to her failing liver.

Nina Jaggers, 58, is a devout Seventh-day Adventist, and recently underwent a successful liver transplant. She said: “The faith that I have in place is what brought me through it.”

Nina first noticed symptoms of jaundice on Mother’s Day this year and immediately took herself to A & E at the Princess Alexandra Hospital. Doctors were baffled by the lack of pain she was suffering and sent her home with pills to resolve the issue.

Patients on the active liver transplant list at 31 March 2017


Nina was soon back in hospital after her condition deteriorated and then transferred to the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead Heath. She then went into acute liver failure and doctors estimated they had 24 hours to find a new organ.

She was placed into a coma but then suffered a heart attack. Her two daughters and pastor were now by her side, praying for her survival.

The doctors feared the worst due to Nina’s condition and the chance of finding a suitable liver. Nina said: “No one had a hope really.”

Just as all hope seemed lost a suitable liver was found and Nina was rushed into surgery at 1am on April 10. The operation was a success but complications meant she had to be operated on again which led to a second heart attack.

Nina came through this and made a remarkable recovery meaning she was home by May 4.

She now feels a new zest for life and said: “I feel like an old Ford Anglia that’s been given a Porsche engine.”

Another positive to come out of the trauma is the closeness it has brought to her family. Nina said: “I’ve seen my children more in the last two months than… in the last ten years because of this.”

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