Roydon School transformed in just 24 hours

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CHILDREN at Roydon Primary Academy have moved from 1980s huts to brand new, modern rooms.

During the summer holiday, the school renovated and expanded the facilities in a project that took just 24 hours. Children, who were previously taught in small huts, now have much more spacious classroom and play area. Michael Clark, the head teacher said: “The huts have been here for years, so it is quite a big thing for everyone.”

Pupils were very happy to see their new rooms on their first day back. Mr Clark: “The children are buzzing about their new rooms. They have had their noses pushed against the windows, as they have been so eager to check them out. They are so excited to get their work on the walls and to put stamp on it”

The extension has solar panels that will provide the power to the main building as well as the new built buildings. Renovation of the buildings is the latest improvement to the school, but the school also restored an old pond, installed adventure trail and is planning to remove some temporary classrooms to create more space for the play area.

The school also improved its safety system by adding new security gates.

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