Policing in Harlow is ‘absolutely abysmal’ claims councillor


A HARLOW town councillor claims policing in the town is “absolutely abysmal”, following cuts in the service.

Councillor Mike Danvers has accused the police of failing to provide the town council with sufficient information regarding the recent burglaries in the area.

Cllr Mike Danvers

Harlow Community Policing Team tweeted on October 4 that there have been four burglaries in the Netteswell Ward near the Town Park since the beginning of October.

The Netteswell Ward and Harlow Town Park

Cllr Danvers told the Harrier that the police do not keep local councillors informed of these events. When they have asked for information, councillors have been told it is a police matter.

He said: “Police are quite appalling at public relations.”

Cllr Danvers also believes the cuts to the police service are having an impact on safety in the area. He said: “The policing in Harlow is absolutely abysmal.”

Fellow councillor Edna Stevens was also unaware of the burglaries and supports the views of Cllr Danvers. She said: “The cutbacks have been horrendous.”

She added that the police ended Neighbourhood Area Plan meetings with councillors over a year ago and there has been very little contact since.

The Harrier has been informed that Roger Hirst, police, fire and crime commissioner for Essex, will visit Harlow in March and meet with town councillors who will be keen to raise the issue of policing in the town.

Essex police have informed Harlow School of Journalism that they will no longer speak to journalism students. In their tweet they have advised residents to ensure they secure their properties when out and report any suspicious activity to police. Their statistics show that houses are more likely to be burgled in the hours before residents get home from work.

If anyone has any details regarding the recent burglaries they can contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.


Featured image: Harlow police station

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