Breast cancer awareness at Harlow college


BREAST cancer awareness has been brought to Harlow College by Skylight restaurant manager, Jenny Reynolds.

From personal experience, Jenny decided that it would best to spread awareness for breast cancer throughout the college by hosting an event to encourage people to wear the colour pink for the day and raise money for charity. Four employees and some of the students wore pink on the day. Jenny promoted the event throughout the college by hosting dinners, baking cakes and inviting special guests to host the event alongside her.

Jenny, 50, said: “Personally, from the age of 16 up until my current age, I’ve had round 12 scares for breast cancer. It was a traumatic experience for me. I feel that people of a young age should be just as aware as a person of an older age.

“My mother passed away from cancer, which I why I take such pride in raising awareness. My best friend is battling cancer. Around 10 years ago she was contacted by Macmillan Cancer Support so that her bravery could be recognised. This was also what started making me more aware over the years.”

Outside of college, people also showed their support for breast cancer awareness. Students spotted two people in Harlow town center dressed in a pink bunny costume and in a pink panther costume.


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