Facebook’s new features introduced at 2018 National Council for the Training of Journalists conference

Report by Ryan Hardie and Willow Jacobs-Harding

FACEBOOK Training and News Literacy Manager Sarah Brown described some of the latest Facebook innovations when she visited Harlow College as part of the NCTJ conference.

Former producer of social media, Sarah introduced the most recent features within the Facebook sector and explained that these were becoming increasingly popular with the 2.27 billion active Facebook users worldwide.

Facebook Live has become one of the most successful features, with approximately 3.5 billion live broadcasts on the social media platform.

Another growing feature is Facebook Watch, a video-on-demand service. There have been approximately 58 million viewers per month in the US since it’s August 2017 release.

Sarah said, “We are mainly focusing on intention, integrity and quality.”

When asked about how to be discovered on Facebook Watch, Sarah said, “The first principal is that you need 5,000 followers; you need to be verified and your content has to be up to a community standard.

“You need to be able to create moments to engage your community when you launch a new video.”

Vertical video is also being encouraged by Facebook because 98 per cent of the time spent on mobile phones is vertical.

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