Google gives research tips and tricks at NCTJ Conference in Harlow College

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THE Head of Partnership & Training of Google, Matt Cooke, was at Harlow College to discuss many of the tools Google has to offer and the main talking point was about spotting manipulated video.

The two-day NCTJ conference concluded with Matt Cooke‘s speech on how Google is a useful tool for journalists. This information is aimed at students to enable them to develop a variety of online skills.

Matt said: “These are practices we need to make students aware of, nothing will replace your own journalism, but these tools are here to save you time.

Matt showed many tools, including the Dictaphone app, Google reverse image search and data analytics.


The most interesting element of what Matt discussed was spotting manipulated video online and judging what is real and current video and what’s not.


By Jake Murphy and Oliver Robinson

GOOGLE Conference

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