Cooks Spinney Primary Academy pupils take control of assemblies


PUPILS at Cooks Spinney Primary Academy in Harlow are being given the opportunity to host their own ten-minute assemblies as part of a new initiative to increase their confidence in public speaking.

From January, pupils will hold at least one assembly per week after pitching their ideas to head teacher Neil Stirrat in an application process.

Mr. Stirrat will interview candidates about the topic they would like to talk about. Successful pupils will be given an official letter from the head booking in their assembly slot.

Mr. Stirrat said: “We want to improve children’s confidence in public speaking and give them ownership of assemblies. It will get them thinking about what other children might want or need to know.”

The school already has weekly ‘Spinney Speaks’ sessions, which encourage pupils to enter into discussions in lessons about a range of topics as a way of boosting their vocabulary.

By taking the initiative one step further and into assembly, the aim is to increase pupils’ confidence and abilities in public speaking.

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