Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow, earmarked as one of the top seven in the country for redevelopment

Robert Halfon talks to Harlow College journalism students

HARLOW MP, Robert Halfon, has announced that the town is in the top seven in the country to be considered by the government for a brand new hospital.

Mr Halfon said, “I’ve been trying to get a new hospital for years. It is literally falling down and there is sewage coming into the operating theatres. The hospital got nine and a half million from government just before Christmas but that was just like sticking on a plaster. We need a new health campus fit for the 21st century.”

Tweet by Lance McCarthy CEO at Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust

Princess Alexandra Hospital dates back to the 1950s and despite an extra ward having been built at the side of the hospital, it is no longer fit for purpose. Mr Halfon described the hospital is in a terrible state with patients in wards packed like sardines. However, he received many compliments from grateful patients and praised the staff who he said worked tirelessly.

Mr Halfon said several options were being considered including, rebuilding the present hospital which would cause problems because the site is so small or the possibility of a new campus built near the M11. He said the hospital board would make its decision in March.

He also estimated that should the government agree to a new hospital, it would take between five and 10 years to come to fruition. A new hospital could help solve the recruitment problems at Princess Alexandra hospital because currently it was competing with London hospitals.

Mr Halfon said, “This is the best chance in a generation of getting a new hospital. By 2025 Harlow will be the greatest place on earth to live in.”

News of a possible new hospital comes at a time when Public Health England is planning to relocate to Harlow creating thousands more jobs.

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