Harlow College lecturer disappointed by tennis court closure at Leisurezone


A HARLOW College lecturer has expressed his disappointment over Harlow Leisurezone’s decision to remove access to tennis facilities at the centre.

Ken Eaton, who teaches media law and public affairs to journalism students at the college, said: “I’m disappointed that there’s no more tennis there because there was an assurance given some years ago when one tennis court went that there would be some tennis remaining.

“It’s unfortunate because now there won’t be any indoor tennis court provision unless you join Harlow Tennis Club.”

Mr Eaton had initially reacted furiously to the Leisurezone’s decision, calling it “disgraceful”, but has softened his viewpoint since speaking with the management of the centre.

He said: “I had a long interview with the chief executive officer last week and she put up a pretty good case as to why they couldn’t carry on with the tennis.

“In the context that there’s been a decline in sporting activity in the area full stop, that the tennis courts were very underused and that therefore they couldn’t really economically keep the tennis courts open.

“They’re also trying to get more young kids involved in doing sporting activities and so they feel that by making it a trampoline park they’re going to get more kids coming through.”

The Leisurezone has also tried to justify the decision, which will see the tennis courts close in the later part of March 2019, by saying that it will help to keep the centre busy and therefore keep any membership price increases to a minimum.

They have confirmed that the Gold Customer price, which has not increased for several years, will once again remain the same from April 1 2019.



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