Harlow students create a unique way of tackling school litter

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BURNT Mill Academy head girl, Georgia Bailey and head boy, Matthew Hart have developed a way of reducing litter dropping after they felt their Harlow secondary school was becoming untidy.

They decided to create a litter picking timetable to ensure all students will get involved and roll up their sleeves to clean up their surrounding environment. They have said that the timetable and work will not stop until the litter stops.

Georgia, Year 11, said: We decided we wanted to do something about the amount of litter around the school.

“Everyone in the Student Senior Leadership Team (SSLT) and senior prefects have got on board and we raised awareness of our project in assemblies.”

At morning form time, a member of the SSLT or a senior prefect goes to a classroom and takes that particular form group out and gives them equipment to tackle the rubbish. Litter pickers, gloves and bags are used to help to clean up the area of the school for 15 minutes.

Georgia said: “Because people are now having to pick up the rubbish, they are not throwing it so much, so it is already having an impact. The school looks better; It looks more presentable. It really is noticeable and even visiting governors have commented on it.

“The litter picking will stop when there is no more litter to pick up.”

Francis Collins, head of science, said: “It’s fantastic to see our SSLT using their initiative to make our school a cleaner place. Projects like this take a lot of work to organise and implement, especially when they are trying to juggle between their studies and their duties at SSLT.

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Willow Jacobs-Harding

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