Harlow College students go ‘Mad’ for MIND


ART and design students staged a Mad Hatter’s tea party to raise money for mental health charity, MIND.

Students set up a bake sale and decorated the college reception area with posters, invitations and table decorations linked to the Alice in Wonderland theme. All students researched and chose an organisation which they felt they should raise money for, they took a vote and MIND was chosen.

Student, Liqhwa Gama, said: “Today I am helping sell cupcakes for the charity event. During the social action project I designed and created a place set including a white cup with hearts on it to match the Alice in Wonderland theme.”

Head of Art and Design, Stacey Gardner, said: “The main focus was to produce art work for a tea party during the student’s social action project. The students chose the charity they wanted to work with, created 3D art work and place sets. They also promoted the tea party by making their own invitations and posters.”

All students will be taking part in another social action project later this year by working with Harlow primary school, William Martin in their ‘Art day’ event. Primary school pupils and Harlow College art and design students will be working together to design and produce a piece of art work for their school.

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Willow Jacobs-Harding

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