Harlow College students get a taste of Operation Sceptre


ESSEX police visited Harlow college on March 15 as part of a safeguarding strategy to cut the rate of knife crime in young people.

PS Keven Mayle, said: “We are here to reduce knife crime due to problems with stabbings on a daily basis across the UK. This is the countries initiative this week and we need to send out the message that young people’s current state of life is quite risky.”

Since March 2018/19, a total of 40,000 knife offences have been committed in England and Wales.

The involvement of young people in knife crime is increasingly growing. The Office for National Statistics confirms that more boys and girls are carrying weapons, drawing them into gangs and exploited by drug dealers. Nearly 75 per cent of knife crimes committed by teenagers are located in or around school.

During knife crime week the police are targeting late teens as the majority of knife crime is committed by 16 to 20-year olds. When their search took place at Harlow College on March 15, students were warned that anyone found in possession of a knife or drugs would be dealt with robustly.

It is believed that students at the college have used social media to alert others that the police are at the reception to search every student before they can go to their classes.




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Willow Jacobs-Harding

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