Harlow Guardian editor optimistic new newspaper can succeed

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THE AUDIENCE and content editor for the newly launched Harlow Guardian is optimistic that the paper can succeed, despite the obstacles in the way of print newspapers today.

Milo Boyd, who works for Newsquest and also covers Epping Forest, said: “I don’t think any newspapers have sufficient resources any more, anywhere in the country.

“The way that news is going you cannot have a person in every borough of a town or every part of a city in the same way that you used to.

“But you can now bring a paper together and adequately serve a community with far fewer staff than used to be the case.

“There are ways to tap into what people are talking about, and what people need covered.”

The Harlow Guardian was launched on February 14 in the wake of the closure of the Harlow Star, which had left the town without a print newspaper.

Mr Boyd was also keen to quash suggestions that local people will not buy the newspaper considering they had been used to receiving the Harlow Star for free.

He said: “I think it will take a while to shift people from the mindset of getting a free paper.

“I think once they do start investing in that idea then they’ll quickly realise there is a link between price and quality, and they will hopefully see that 70p isn’t an outrageous amount of money to spend.”

The lead reporter for the new paper also admitted that the set-up of the Harlow Guardian is not ideal.

Mr Boyd said: “Reporter wise I’m the main point of contact, and there are three other newsrooms helping us at different points in Essex. Different reporters each week do a shift on a rolling basis, so it’s a bit of a weird make-up in terms of staff.

“It’s all a bit disjointed and disconnected and there are quite a lot of cooks.”


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