New software used by Essex Cares Ltd improves their work with elderly residents

Client of Essex Cares Ltd chats with a member of staff

ESSEX Cares Ltd has put into practice a new software platform StoriiCare to increase efficiency and to connect families with their loved ones.


StoriiCare is a senior care software, which has offices across the world, including London, Edinburgh and San Francisco. The company was first launched in 2016 with the intention of helping companies in the Senior Care Market change the way they record care.


The CEO of StoriiCare, Cameron Graham said: “We’re delighted Essex Cares are rolling out StoriiCare across multiple locations and we look forward to continue working closely with their team!”


The Head of Digital at ECL, Claire Shuter said that using new software helped them create day plans for many of their residents who have Dementia. They were also able to see how the day services – planned through StoriiCare – helped and caused major progress in engagement of their residents.


Claire Shuter said: “Staff are enthusiastic about using the application as it saves them time on administration and family members have been delighted with the outcomes achieved.”


Essex County Council opened ECL in 2009 as the first Local Authority Trading Company in the UK. ECL provides care and support across the South East England to elderly people who want to live independent and fulfilling lives. The company has over 1,000 employees who help more than 50,000 people per year.


Our photograph shows a client of Essex Care Ltd chatting with a member of staff.


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