Cooks Spinney children clean up their school

CS spring clean

STUDENTS from Cook Spinney Primary School Harlow, found 300 pieces of rubbish, across 50 metres and filled 40 bags in just 15 minutes during a litter-pick.













The students have been recently looking at plastic pollution as a part of their Eco Warriors topic. They learned about the impact it has on climate change and were shocked when they have realised how much rubbish there is around their school.

Head teacher, Neil Stirrat said: “By taking part in the Spring Clean, year three students learnt the importance of keeping the community clean and tidy.”

Harlow council provided students with litter-pickers and gloves, and the students quickly tackled the rubbish on and outside their school grounds.

Teacher, Luke Wildig said: “We started looking at the oceans and brought the topic all the way back to Harlow and our own doorstep. During a 15-minute litter pick, we found 300 pieces of rubbish across a 50 metre area and filled 40 bags.

“The children could not believe how much litter they found. It has had a real impact on the way they look at things and they now pick up litter in school during their break and lunchtimes. If it makes a small impact it would have been worth it.”

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