Harlow College students take over the Gibberd Gallery

HARLOW College has experienced tremendous success with 10 students featured in the Gibberd Gallery’s OPEN|OPEN exhibition.

Students Beth Wellstead and Chan Chooi were both featured twice in the exhibition. Beth expressed how she felt ‘really proud’ to have her work displayed: “It makes believe in myself that if I carry on going I can push myself forward and have more artwork somewhere else.” Chan believed this is a good way for him to push his career forward. He said, “This is a way for me to get my work seen and say ‘this is me’ showing people what I can do.”

Art and Design teacher, Karen Harrison, believes the turnout for the OPEN|OPEN will inspire the younger students. She said: “I think if it ran next year the first years would be keen to take part and submit their work.”

Location of the Gibberd Gallery – Google Maps

The OPEN|OPEN is celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Harlow becoming a sculpture town and the exhibition brief was about intervening in this environment. Director of the Gibberd Gallery, Kate Harding, has been encouraged by the involvement of the college students saying, “It fills us with confidence, there is a great range of responses to the brief.

“I think it goes to show if the gallery are willing to put in a bit of effort to reach out to students of the college, they always have and will reward us with good work.”

Karen is hopeful that the college will continue to collaborate with the gallery in the future.

Oliver Robinson

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