Mysterious egg appears at Freshwaters Primary Academy in Harlow

Dinosaur egg

SURPRISED students at Freshwaters Primary Academy discovered a gigantic egg at their Harlow school.

A large nest, holding the mystery egg, was found hanging in the grounds of the school, with year 2 students discovering more nests in their classroom.

The activity was designed in hopes of creatively inspiring and improving the vocabulary of reception and year 2 students.

Teachers even went as far as to create false CCTV footage of a ‘large dragon’ jumping across students’ desks.

Reception students, who had been learning about St. George, were later set the task of re-telling the story of the Patron Saint and the dragon.

Mark Evans, associate head of Freshwaters Primary Academy, said: “The event sparked pupils’ imaginations to wonder where the egg had come from, how it got there and what was inside it. Some have speculated it has come from a dinosaur, a giant bird or an alien creature. They used that as a base for their creative writing.

“It was interesting to the children and was a way to get them excited about their writing. It has given them a real experience to write about as they discovered the egg and had to work out what it was.”

The academy’s reception pupils also had the chance to have an imaginary spear fight.

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