STEM Academy students on mission to reduce plastic waste in their Harlow school

STEM Green Army 2

CONCERNED students at a Burnt Mill Academy Trust (BMAT) school in Harlow are on a mission to make their school more eco-friendly.

The five pupils – Courtney Loft; Jessica Bediako; Alan Delciampo; Brooke Nelson and Juliet Orton – who study at BMAT’s STEM Academy, have created the ‘STEM Academy Green Army’ (SAGA) in hopes of making their school more green and to ensure their peers are environmentally aware.

Members of SAGA pictured (left to right): Brooke Nelson; Jessica Bediako; Courtney Loft; Juliet Orton and Alan Delciampo

One of the students, Brooke Nelson, said: “We have held assemblies to tell the rest of the school about the dangers affecting the environment and visited Parliament to discuss the Government’s policies.

“We wanted to see what they are doing about it. We have all heard of the problems, but don’t get to hear what the solutions are.”

After their discussion with Harlow MP Robert Halfon in Parliament, the students plan to continue spreading awareness at local primary schools and aim to produce a BMAT STEM Academy water bottle to reduce the amount of plastic their school uses.

Another student, Alan stated: “We are hoping to make these changes a part of the school’s culture, so that it continues into the future as we are only here for a couple of years.

“It feels really good to be making a difference. It’s unreal.”

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