Harlow Town Park receives a ‘facelift’ from Harlow Council Volunteers

harlow council volunteers

HARLOW Council volunteers are transforming Harlow Town Park, meeting once every week at the Walled Garden to give the town a ‘facelift’.

Mike Levett, education and volunteer officer, and his group of volunteers began their work in 2014 when the Heritage Lottery Fund put money into the park. Mr Levett spoke of the growth in volunteers saying, “It grew from one person who saw an ad in the library, to the group of roughly 15 each week.

“I think it’s great for them, they are very proud of what they do and we’re very pleased and very grateful for their support.”

The contractors of the park cut the grass and trim the hedges and the volunteers help give an extra lift to the park. Mr Levett was very surprised by the level of community spirit shown by the team: “I’ve worked in a lot of parks in Hampshire, in London, in Lancashire and in Scotland and I’ve never had this level of community support.”

Mr Levett believes the success of the volunteers group at the Walled Garden will help inspire others in the future to support their community.


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