The NHS changes prescription rules to focus on patients with more serious health concerns


THE RULES for over-the-counter medicines have changed. The NHS has decided to reduce the number of prescriptions for drugs which can instead be purchased in any supermarket or a pharmacy.

Your GP will no longer prescribe you any medication which you can consult about with a pharmacist.

Francesco Fumera, a pharmacist at Boots

Francesco Fumera, a pharmacist who works for Boots the Chemist, commented on the new rules for over-the-counter medicines: “For 32 tablets of paracetamol you’re only paying between 70 and 90 pence. It’s saving a lot money forthen NHS because the same item or prescription could be £50 for the NHS.

“It leaves money to the NHS for other services that are more patient orientated.”

However, there are some exceptions such as treatments for long term conditions. For example: chronic arthritis; more complicated treatments for minor illnesses where over the counter medication is not helping such as migraines; any medicine which cannot be sold to a certain patient, for example children or pregnant women; or if a patient has mental health problems. In the case of the latter, if they cannot buy the medication themselves, a GP or a nurse can prescribe them.

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