Essex teen opens up about her near death experience

Fucshia, 19.

Journalism student Z Betton interviewed a 19-year-old student about a horrific moment that she thought would be the end of her life.

A TEENAGER from Essex has gone into detail about the terrifying night that she thought would mark the date of her death.

Fucshia Dyvontae, 19, was involved in a dangerous car crash at just the age of 10 years old. Accompanying her in during her near death experience was her mother, younger sister and her uncle, who was also the driver. Fucshia and her family were driving through a road in Epping Forest, while it was heavily snowing. The teen describes he night as “dark” and “eerie” and remembers every chilling detail from the moment she had got into the car up until the moment when they had crashed into a tree, hanging upside down from an edge. Fuschia said: “My mum turned around with the little strength she had, tears filled in her eyes as she held my hand and squeezed it tightly.

“She told me to shut my eyes and to hold onto my little sister for dear life. It was then when it hit me, that this very moment could have been my last day on earth. I just prayed and prayed that we wasn’t going to die this way.”

The teenager feels that her near death experience has changed her as a person, she describes current self as being a lot more “jumpy” and “terrified,” and she still has flashbacks of the collision from time to time. Fucshia, who now drives herself, has vowed to never, ever drive through Epping Forest, specially on the exact road one of her worst nightmares happened on nine years ago.


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