Harlow College “Rent” performance review


ON THURSDAY, May 16, I had the pleasure of watching Rent, a show effortlessly performed by the college’s talented Performing Arts students.

Rent was about a tight-knit group of friends who each had different passions for different things, and throughout the play they end up hurting and forgiving each other. They also each lose somebody close to them that they love. Many of the characters’ feelings and thoughts were portrayed through songs sang by the cast, it was very a touching thing to experience.

The performance of the play was spot-on, I rarely found any faults. The flow, the plot and the whole performance in general was perfection. It was very obvious that these students had put their heart and soul into remembering their lines and conducting a smooth play for the audience to watch.

If I had to critique one thing from the play, it would be that the actors could work on their accent portrayal a little more. The accents they were impersonating was the American one as the setting of the play was in the East Coast of the United States, and to me, sometimes, they sounded more Irish than American. But other than that minor fault, the show was really enjoyable to watch!

At first I never expected myself to enjoy watching Rent as much as I did on the day, it felt amazing to be so engrossed into such a high quality performance.

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