Roydon Primary Academy pupils take on various leadership roles

Roydon Y6 leaders

PUPILS at Royden Primary Academy have been appointed as leaders across their school, and have taken on new responsibilities.

Posts to be leaders in writing, reading, maths, science, PE and house champions launched at the academy last year. Eager and dedicated pupils have gone through an application process this year, completing a form to list their reasons for wanting to take on a responsibility at their school.

During their responsibilities, ten subject leaders will work with younger children within the school, run the library and organise resources, while the eight house champion leaders will act as prefects, showing visitors around and participating in the lunch hall all while being role models to their peers.

Head teacher, Michael Clark said: “These roles are a way of teaching leadership skills and preparing our oldest pupils for secondary school, so they are used to leading something and supporting others. You can’t put a price on young leadership opportunities; it’s a really important life skill to be able to lead others.”

Badges were awarded to all of the leaders during an assembly after being chosen by their topic teachers.

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