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HARLOW College student Alex Beaney, is embarking on a new life as a journalist having graduated in English from Nottingham University.

Homebody Alex, aged 21, left his small town life in Saffron Walden to study three hours away in Nottingham. He said “I wanted independence and to gain confidence and I felt moving away would give me that,” he said.

University helped him to learn a lot about life. Studying English Language, he enjoyed analysing the different aspects of the course, broadening his knowledge. As well as his study of English it was compulsory for him to do performing arts, helping him in a variety of different aspects of his life and developing his confidence.


Harlow College student Alex Beaney.

Finishing his third year at university with BA in English, he wrote his dissertation on how the media reported different sports during the world cup.

Alex’s passion for talking to people and keeping up with the latest news, helped him shape his interest in journalism and he decided to join the 2019-2020 NCTJ Diploma in Journalism at Harlow College.

Alex explained, ‘I’m passionate about social problems and hearing different perspectives on situations. I love news and genuinely like listening to people’s stories and hearing about their backgrounds.’

Being interested in football and supporting Tottenham Hotspur, he’s passionate about pursuing a career within the sport journalism industry.

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