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Written by Alex Beaney


HARLOW College student Leah Grace has dreams of following in TV presenter Erin Lim’s footsteps and working at E! Entertainment.


As she begins her one-year NCTJ course in Newspaper Journalism, the 18-year-old has set her heights high. Coming off the back of her two-year journalism course from the University of Arts London (UAL), Leah is full of confidence and optimism that she can reach the top and one day take over the helm at the top entertainment news channel.


An avid reader of celebrity gossip and news in the showbiz world, Leah is particularly interested in the digital side of media. She believes that social media will be key to consuming news in the future. She highlighted the fact that photo-sharing app Snapchat’s digital ‘Stories’ feature is one of the main sources of news for youngsters nowadays.

“With print journalism struggling, I think digital and social media is the answer,” said Leah. However, she didn’t rule out the possibility of getting into print, saying “I feel magazines still have a lot to offer to audiences, particularly women.”


Leah named the Cosmopolitan and Hello titles as being great bite size sources of celebrity and entertainment news.


Outside of her studies in journalism, Leah is interested in events planning. She recently read Sarah Morgan’s novel Sleepless in Manhattan and was inspired by the main protagonist’s career in social events.


Leah said “If it wasn’t journalism, I’d love to design parties and plan special occasions.


“There’s so much freedom to be creative in party design nowadays, and I love bringing a smile to people’s faces.”

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