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A STUDENT at Harlow College has big plans studying journalism. 

Matthew Collings , aged 18, expressed his enthusiasm for studying at one of the nation’s top journalism schools. Matt said he wants to “experience new things and explore options” whilst studying journalism at Harlow.

The Church Langley bred student has already studied A-Levels at Harlow College, but wanted a change of pace and voiced his ambition to try to find employment in the journalistic field, especially in production journalism.

His experience in writing, with him studying English Literature and language before studying journalism, he is well geared for the challenge which journalism represents.  His overall choice in studying journalism is to better himself whilst making friends along the way. 

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Harlow College student Matthew Collings.

Matt enjoys literature and music, with Stephen King being ranked as one of his favourites. But when talking about Stephen King’s most iconic work , IT, he disliked the film adaptations of the novel.

He pointed out the terrible attempts at horror, pointing out the 1990 TV film infamous scene of the fridge head. To him Stephen King has three types of horror: Actual Horror, Terror and Gross out. The films do not translate the spirit of Stephen King’s style borderline Lovecraftian style into film faithfully. 

But he did not say anything remotely negative about one of his most favoured musicians, the world renowned rock band The Arctic Monkeys. The northern accents on display during their starting years was why they were so successful because they were just “British boys” talking about their British experience. 

Matthew is determined in succeeding at journalism and seems to be aimed to succeed.

Report by William Spalding 

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