William Spalding


WILLIAM Spalding is an eccentric character with a vibrant personality and many polarising views varying from politics, economics and even the reality of utopia. Born in Bishops Stortford, he was raised by a single mother but believes many of his opinions are “the polar opposite of his upbringing”. This would make sense as he begins the NCTJ course in Harlow College, but what doesn’t make sense is why he chose Harlow as he believes it to be the “death of a utopian dream.”


William is a supportive family member to his mother and younger sister, using money from his minimum wage job as a car park officer to help provide for his family.



Harlow College student William Spalding.

Being from Bishop Stortford, he has a unique perspective of Harlow.  He believes that Harlow, whilst ripe with industry and commercial prowess, is far from the ideal place to live.


“There are many reasons why Harlow isn’t an ideal place to live; for example lack of prospects,” he said. However he agreed that the perfect world is unobtainable and a true utopia, could “never exist”.


Whether it’s about his distaste for Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, his fascination for interviewers like Joe Rogan and Jeremy Paxman, or talking with his friends about the excitement he experiences daily. William will always be controversial – an attribute that bodes well for a career in journalism.


Report by Matthew Collings

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