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JACK Perring aged 18 from Saffron Walden has an interesting story to tell about his life and loves. He is in the process of writing two novels based on his love of journalist Ernest Hemingway and the murder mysteries of Lars Kepler.


Jack has an interest in psychology and forensic psychology which in turn lead to his love of writing. His passion for reading also encouraged him to put pen to paper and write his first of two novels about a private investigator who accidentally kills his wife, and then covers up the crime.


The second novel takes a different slant as it features a man who discovers that his real father, who is a writer using a pseudonym, is living two lives.

Jack Perring Harlow College

Harlow College student Jack Perring

Another inspiration of his is Hunter S. Thompson a US journalist who infiltrated The Hell’s Angels clan in order to later write about them from an insider’s viewpoint, offering first hand perspective and authenticity to the prose.


Jack’s father is manager of a packaging company and his mother is a teaching assistant. His twin sisters who are 25, have journeyed widely, but he suggests that they were not as much of an influence on him as his close friends who have travelled even more extensively and have sparked his interest in travel writing.


He aims to visit Paris to explore the Left Quarter famous for its history of art and literature and the many journalists who found inspiration there over the years. He also hopes to visit Chile and Cuba to immerse himself in other cultures, which will enable him to expand his writing skills.


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