Harlow children get creative for National Poetry Day

SFG National Poetry Day 3

CREATIVE writer and spoken word poet Rakaya Fetuga visited Sir Frederick Gibberd College in Harlow to introduce year seven students to poetry. The young writers in their brand new school got creative in the first National Poetry Day.


The visit, part of national poetry day was arranged by the Poetry Society and encouraged 11 and 12-year-olds to look at their own personal thoughts and feelings.


Rakaya delighted the students by performing some of her own work before encouraging every student in the school to consider their own form of poetry. She said: “Today is a chance for students to express themselves and to speak their truth. They have been able to use poetry to put down their thoughts and feelings about things that are important to them.

SFG National Poetry Day 3

Sir Frederick Gibberd College National Poetry Day

“They have been so attentive. I just gave them a line and they have been able to come up with all sorts of pieces in response.”


English teacher Mizgin Koker said: “Rakaya has been getting students used to the idea of what poetry is and getting them to have a go at writing their own.


“As we are a brand-new school in our first couple of weeks, we have not yet covered poetry, so this acts as an introduction and a great source of inspiration for students.


“Today is helping students to realise poetry is not scary or hard; it is an opportunity for them to express their thoughts and feelings about things they are passionate about.


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