Harow College celebrates Black History Month


HARLOW College is promoting Black History Month this October and aims to make every student feel valued regardless of their ethnicity.

Black History Month has been celebrated annually in Britain since 1987 to help people understand and honour the legacy and change in society over the years.

Journalism students at Harlow College interviewed the assistance principle Sallyanne Abdelmoula , who has worked at the college for 28 years, and the manager of sport and protective services, Maria Staines, who has worked at the college for 10 years. They both said that they “wanted students to feel positive and included”.

A PowerPoint has been made for tutorials which has various slides, promoting equality and showing other role models to look up too who are positive members of society.

Ms Staines, said “In the 10 years that I have been at Harlow College I have seen a massive change in diversity. When I first started at the College I felt uncomfortable. A lot of work has been done at Harlow. We are working with student ambassadors at providing events that can increase the knowledge of different cultures”.

Ms Abdelmoula, said “We are all the same people. We begin to understand difference when we walk in someone else’s shoes”

Our photograph shows Ms Staines with students William Spalding, left and Antonio Baidoo.

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