Harlow College dance students perform emotional show ahead of Anti Bullying Week.


HARLOW College prepared for Anti Bullying Week by showing a riveting performance by the dance students.

The Glass Box Studio at the college hosted the performance (directed by Rob Anderson) which used dance and monologue to highlight the dangers of cyber bullying and importance of staying safe on the internet.

The show followed the life of a girl affected by what was being said to her online and her personal struggle with it which eventually caused her to end her life; a real issue amongst young girls in modern day society.

All the dancers worked cohesively with the music and lighting while also using props to make the audience feel emotion towards the girl.

The performance opened the eyes of the audience to show how easy it is for people to suffer in silence with this abuse.

IMG 1733

Students taking a bow at the end of their performance.

The narrator read to the audience: “Social apps aren’t here for hate, these girls don’t know what hate they create, anxiety depression they are not a trend.”

According to the NSPCC: “One in three internet users is a child, and three-quarters of 12 to 15 year old have some kind of social media account. A quarter of those under 18 on social media have experienced something upsetting online.”

Additionally, OFCOM conducted a study in 2017 suggesting: “1 in 8 young adults have been bullied online. But the National Crime Prevention Council says those numbers are far higher, suggesting that a massive 43% of children have experienced online bullying.”

Natalie Francis, assistant academy manager of performing arts, told the audience: “You just have to be kind” as part of opening the show which is an important message and is conveyed throughout the expressive performance.

Any young person affected by cyber bullying can contact Childline at 0800 1111 or visit their website at: https://www.childline.org.uk/info-advice/friends-relationships-sex/friends/friendships/.


Survey results: https://www.tigermobiles.com/faq/cyberbullying-statistics/

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