Harlow students use dance to highlight the dangers of cyber bullying

Reporter Elana Xerri reviews a dance performance warning of the dangers of cyber bullying.

HARLOW College supported Anti Bullying Week with a student performance showing the effects of cyber bullying. The dance students delivered an eye opening show, directed by Rob Anderson which had many emotional triggers throughout.

The performance was shown to other students from different classes around the college. It consisted of dancing, dramatic lighting effects and music to help get the story across.

Starting with a blackout, the stage gradually became lit with vibrant green lights and blue and green spotlights. There was no-one present on stage however you could hear a monologue from a girl. This monologue continued throughout the show, to explain the storyline.

The storyline is about a girl who unfortunately becomes a victim of cyber bullying. The performance explored what happens along the way and how it progresses into much bigger issues. It showed the effects of what cyber bullying could lead to and what it is like for the victim. The performance was full of facts and figures throughout which different voice-overs being played while dancers illustrated the story.

The performance had loads of dance pieces throughout which I found very effective and my attention was drawn towards the stage. The use of music was shown a lot in this performance as it helped set the mood for the audience. There was both sad and upbeat music which helped show the change in scene.

I think that the dancer’s movements were excellent. They got the storyline across perfectly, using a lot of actions such as gun signs, and they also laughed aloud and danced and isolated a girl which symbolised how it felt to be cyber bullied.

The dance told an incredible story which brought real emotions to light when I was watching the performance. It also helped me to put myself in another person’s shoes.

The only props that they used were i-pads on which they played videos, showing the effects of bullying. Dancers surrounded the girl with i-pads, containing unpleasant messages, to show there could be no escape.

They used a series of lighting techniques throughout the performance, including flashing strobe and spot lights. They also used different colours to reflect the mood of the performance; for example a red light indicated danger.

Overall I would give the performance 4/5 stars as I thought that it was very creative. I also thought that it explored the subject in an empathic way, highlighting the issue of anti-bullying. I would defiantly recommend this performance.



Elana Xerri

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