Pupils at Freshwaters Primary, Harlow, get ready to hit the high notes

FRESHWATERS Primary Academy, Harlow has enhanced its music department with major changes expected to develop student creativity for the future.

A range of new opportunities has been introduced this year.  

The school is looking forward to upcoming events that offer diverse challenges including entering the Young Voices Choir competition at the O2 for January 2020. Students are also encouraged to enter a sing-off between smaller groups with the chance to win team prizes.

All Year 4 students will learn to play the recorder with professional tutors overseeing their development. 

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Freshwaters Academy students practice the recorder

Modern technology has also been introduced with teacher training aids for non-music teachers, allowing them the ability to engage with students to teach music.

The school has also purchased additional equipment to offer wider opportunities to learn the glockenspiel or the guitar.

Robin Dalton, music lead and Year 6 teacher, said: “Music is a key part of our curriculum with a bigger focus this year. I am excited as suddenly we have lots going on musically for our children. They are really enjoying the extra opportunities to learn new skills and to perform.

“This work is important as research shows that music is a catalyst in developing motor skills and brain development. Learning to play musical instruments benefits children in other areas; it improves memory, the ability to think more independently, boosts self-esteem and confidence and gives them a sense of achievement. That is incredibly important, especially for those with low self-esteem.

“I have been a trumpet player for 24 years, having had my interest sparked in Year 5. I hope some of our children, like me, find a real passion for music that stays with them long into the future.”

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