Conservative Julie Marson wins Hertford and Stortford in General Election


THE CONSTITUENCY of Hertford and Stortford has voted for Julie Marson of the Conservative party as its MP in the 2019 general election.


Nationally, the Conservatives achieved a majority with 364 seats – 47 seats more than they needed to achieve the 325 winning threshold.


Julie Marson won with 33,712 votes and a 19,620 votes’ majority compared with the Labour candidate for Hertford and Stortford, Chris Vince, who received 14,092 votes.


Hertford and Stortford saw a 0.1% increase in voter turnout compared to 2017. From 82,407 registered to vote in the constituency, a huge number of 57,389 voters came to express who they wanted to lead them in this new political frontier.


Mrs Marson said after her victory via Twitter “Thank you so much to the people of Hertford and Stortford for placing your trust in me. I will be your voice in Parliament and put you at the heart of everything I do.”

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MP for Hertford and Stortford, Julie Marson (Credit: Hertfordshire Mercury)

The Labour candidate Chris Vince said after his defeat “Thank you so much to the 14,092 people in the general election in Hertford and Stortford. Your support genuinely means so much. I would also like to thank everyone who campaigned for Labour.”


The Liberal Democrat party leader Jo Swinson, who resigned as leader after losing her seat in East Dunbartonshire to Amy Callaghan (SNP), said “I am proud that in this campaign, the Liberal Democrats have stood up for openness, generosity and hope. We were honest about what we believe in and what we were trying to achieve.”

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