Harlow votes Conservative, Halfon returns

candidates at the count. Photo: YourHarlow

CONSERVATIVE Robert Halfon increased his vote share by 9.4 per cent in the General Election, adding up to his total share of 63.5 per cent of the vote in Harlow.


This result comes after weeks of hard campaigning from the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrat candidates with Hustings across the constituency. However, the incumbent MP Robert Halfon retained his seat and gave the following message via his twitter feed:


The closest competition was from Labour Laura McAlpine who polled 31 per cent of the vote. However, Labour’s vote share was down by 7.3 per cent on the previous election in 2017. This comes after a bad night for the Labour party in the General Election, with their worst electoral defeat since 1935, and heartland seats like Bolsover and Blyth Valley being taken by the Conservative party.


Laura McAlpine, after the results were read out, said “We lost in Harlow. I want to thank all of those amazing people that helped me to campaign for a better Harlow, and to all those lovely voters who voters who put a cross in the box for me.”

The Liberal Democrats achieved an increase in the vote share of 3.4 per cent, which meant they fared better than in 2017. However, on the national scale they have suffered, with their leader Jo Swinson losing her seat in East Dunbartonshire which has caused her to resign from the party leadership.

Charlotte Cane, writing on her website after the election, said “I’m tired, I’m sad and I’m frustrated.

“After any election, there are lessons to learn – and believe me, we will be thinking a lot about our results over the next weeks and months. But we were honest and open with voters about our vision, and I stand by that decision.”

Election results were:

Conservative Robert Halfon: 27,510 votes

Labour Laura McAlpine: 13,447 Votes

Liberal Democrat Charlotte Cane: 2,397 Votes

Photo courtesy YourHarlow shows left to right: Robert Halfon with Harlow’s returning officer, Laura McAlpine and Charlotte Cane.

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