Harlow students inspired by puppy

SFG puppy

A VISIT from a small puppy has made a big impact on the students and staff at Sir Frederick Gibberd College in Harlow.

The students at the school are fundraising to donate towards a training for puppies run by Guide Dogs for the Blind, after a visit from one of their little helpers, Thor.

An assembly was held in order to teach students the work that goes into training these puppies and the dramatic impact it has on a visually impaired person’s life.

Students were also encouraged to consider volunteering and the different types of job roles there are.

Head teacher of Sir Frederick GibberdCollege, Dee Conlon, said: “During the assembly, students learnt more about how guide dogs are trained, what they are able to do, how they help people and what they do when they retire.

“The lady who came to talk to us is a volunteer who walks puppies before they start their training, so that also opened our students’ eyes to volunteer opportunities available. It exposed them to how they could get involved in the community and charity work.”

Students found the experience both eye opening and educational and are now fundraising to name one of the puppies Freddie after their school.

Year seven student Hollie Dietz said: “I did not know much about guide dogs before. We learnt that puppies are taken to the football and the theatre, so they get used to the noise. They can help people who are deaf or blind, as well as children with anxiety.”




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