Harlow primary school launches pop-up library scheme

FPA pop-up library

HARLOW’S Freshwaters Primary Academy is looking to ensure pupils are exposed to as many reading opportunities as possible.

A planned expansion this year should provide a new block to the school which will contain a new library. Until work is completed this autumn, head teacher Jackie Diggle is creating pop-up libraries to spark the children’s literary interests.

Mrs Diggle said “Our classrooms each have library corners, but that is not enough. Children who read regularly will be rewarded with a trip to our pop-up libraries. It will create real excitement. Making reading more interesting is the key.”

The pop-up libraries will be decorated with themes such as arctic, jungle and other landscapes. They can also be spotted in unusual places, such as the school field or staff room, to make the experience of reading more exciting.

The school is also currently seeking help in kitting out their new library with the PTA working on fundraising activities.

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