Harlow Students give their teachers a hair-raising experience

HARLOW College male teachers took a walk-in female shoes when they got their legs waxed in hope to raise money for the supported studies team in hope of a new kitchen for students.

The event which saw seven participants part with their leg hair and some arm hair too was put together by the students to raise £8,000 for a new student kitchen.

Supported studies senior tutor Selina Avery said: “We want to create a space for students to be able to cook with each other and gain an important life skill of being able to cook and prepare healthy meals. It would also give them the opportunity to invite their families into the new kitchen.

“We have a lot of different ideas for fundraising and we have already raised around £1,500 as far.”

The fundraiser consisted of a marathon bike ride as well as smoothies and valentines’ gifts for sale made by the students in supported studies.

Selina said: “We love to recycle, anything that can be used for any crafts. We love to encourage students to bring out their creative ability. Fortunately, the Phoenix resource centre recycles their unusable craft items and we always find ways to make things out of them.”

One leg waxing participant Chris Chatt, who works with the supported studies team said: “The students who do fundraising every Friday came up with the idea of the male teachers getting their legs and some of their arms waxing, so we couldn’t exactly say no.

“The experience wasn’t as bad as I thought it was, the students even talked me into getting my arms waxed, that was more painful than my legs.”

Student Paige Smyth said: “We asked the teachers about doing a leg waxing fundraiser and then we came up with different ideas and decided to do them all in the same day to make the most of it.”


To donate please visit our donation page at -https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/harlowcollegessft?utm_term=5nRzM8j4V

Photo: Harlow College teacher Chris Chatt getting waxed

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