Coronavirus deaths fall significantly at Harlow hospital


AS THE government is considering easing lockdown, we have seen an huge drop in daily deaths at Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow.


Through preventative measures, social distancing and the spirit of the nation to protect the NHS, there has been a huge decrease in terms of new cases and deaths. However, we are still at a level of deaths, where we must remain vigilant and follow government measures.


From this graph, you can see the amount of deaths dropping in May when compared to April. The peak amount of deaths pn April 20 stood at 1172 in a day, whereas the peak for May was May 4 with 693 deaths.

National deaths comparison May and April

Whilst there is some slight overlap in terms of deaths through May, overall deaths have decreased significantly, especially on Day 23, when deaths in May were at their lowest, whilst on Day 23 for April, deaths were at some of the highest.

Deaths in the PAH months of April and May

As shown by this graph, compared to last month, deaths at Princess Alexandra Hospital have decreased to an incredible extent. The peak of deaths in April was 16 in a day, whilst May’s peak amount was only three deaths on May 13.


It is clear that from our efforts as a community, we are seeing a positive result. We are getting more support for our NHS, and gradually deaths are going down.


On May 28 in the daily television press briefing, PM Boris Johnson praised the work of the NHS and the nation in uniting together. He said lockdown rules would be eased and from Monday six people would be able to meet at parks and in private gardens, as long as social distancing measures were still being met.


He said “We have been shown so far that tests are being met; it’s not my achievement or the government’s achievement, it is your achievement. It is only thanks to your resolve and dedication.”

Photo: The entrance to Princess Alexandra Hospital.

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