Shea is set to be a future game writer and author

Shea Grigg, 18 is a future game writer and author. Her intellect and imagination combine to make her perfect for creating video games, a place for people to escape the real world through technology.

I  She wants a place where people can “Feel love for people they have never met, ‘miss places they’ve never been.”

 Shea has spent most of her life on YouTube, and through this she has gathered intense knowledge of past events that have shocked the world. The diversity in what Shea reads about and watches has impacted her to have a voice.


Shea said:  ‘I like to battle people in the comments!’ whilst speaking of controversial YouTube videos. This proves that when she has an opinion she will make it very apparent.


Shea is a very proud supporter of the BLM (Black Lives Matter movement) and she has actively been supporting the movement since the riots started.


Not only does Shea find her information from video she also takes time to read offline mostly science fiction, she loves to escape into different worlds.

Although Shea has expressed her love for the supernatural side and game side she also enjoys watching documentaries about wild life! She is a very positive example of teenagers in 2020 and one day we will see Shea on our computer screens.

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