A whole new world for Harlow


HARLOW Town Council chair, Cllr Clive Souter, says that Harlow’s prospects are looking up.

Speaking to Journalism students from Harlow College, Cllr Souter said:  “Wages are creeping up. There are more jobs. There are good parts of Harlow and bad parts but we are now getting back to the good parts.”

Cllr Souter has lived in Harlow for 62 years, attending Brays Grove School. He started his own businesses in 1993 and has been in the print industry for 50 years. He has been on the council for nine years and has been a cabinet member for housing.

Responding to a question about the Mirror Online statistic that Harlow is the 20th most deprived area in England, Cllr Souter replied that Harlow’s future looked bright. He also added that other new towns, like Basildon, were experiencing similar problems to Harlow. They were outdated and in need of regeneration because they were built quickly in the 1950’s and were all wearing out together.

Cllr Souter was joined at the meeting by  the Head of Governance for Harlow Council, Simon Hill who said “Harlow should not be a ring doughnut, with the sugary goodness on the outside, it needs to be a jam doughnut with the best stuff inside ”.

He was referring to fears about Harlow becoming another commuter town, with the council wanting the industry to return. While he claimed that the retail industry has taken quite the hit, Harlow was hoping to get a share of the government’s £1billion country wide grant for to support high streets,

A decision by Public Health England to base its head office in Harlow, would be a major boost as would the Enterprise Zone which benefited from Harlow being in the Innovation Corridor which runs from Cambridge to London and houses world class facilities.

Our photograph shows journalism students with Cllr Souter, centre left, and Simon Hill.

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