Shea is set to be a future game writer and author

By santynamarchesi / 16th October 2020 / 0 Comments
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Shea Grigg, 18 is a future game writer and author. Her intellect and imagination combine to make her perfect for creating video games, a place for people to escape the real world through technology. I  She wants a place where people can “Feel love for people they have never met, ‘miss places they’ve never been.”…

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The purr-fect support puppy

By santynamarchesi / 15th October 2020 / 0 Comments
me and lula

Reporter Santyna Marchesi is an avid dog lover. She has a pup of her own. It is a Cane Corso named Boo, so she couldn’t wait to meet Lula. THE LATEST student to join Harlow college is the most popular there has even been. Lula is a black Cockapoo from Harlow, only nine months old…

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